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What is commercial auto insurance? 

Personal auto insurance generally isn’t suitable for business-owned vehicles. When an Illinois business has its own vehicles, commercial auto insurance is normally needed.

Commercial auto insurance is adjusted for insuring vehicles that businesses own. These policies take into account how businesses’ vehicles are used, adjusting coverages as these vehicles require.

Which businesses in Illinois are required to have business auto insurance? 

Illinois state law generally mandates that vehicles driven on public roads be insured, including commercial vehicles that businesses own. Most businesses with a vehicle need business auto insurance.

Financed and leased vehicles are often subject to lender coverage requirements, as well. Lenders frequently require coverages in addition to what the state does, so their financial interest in a vehicle is protected.

Commercial Auto Insurance Illinois

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Commercial Auto Insurance Illinois

What coverages are offered by business auto insurance policies? 

Business auto policies offer diverse coverages, largely mirroring personal auto policies but with adjustments for commercial vehicles. Some coverages that policies typically have are:

  • Bodily Injury Coverage: May guard against injuries sustained by individuals who are outside the business’s insured vehicle (i.e. pedestrians, other drivers and passengers).
  • Personal Injury Coverage: May guard against injuries sustained by passengers within the business’s insured vehicles (i.e. driver and passengers).
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: May guard against damages to other parties’ property (i.e. other vehicles, and other types of property).
  • Collision Coverage: May guard against damage to the business’s insured vehicle, when a result of accidents with other vehicles.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: May guard against damage to the business’s insured vehicle, when the result of non-accident events (i.e. Animals, falling objects, fires, thefts, etc.).
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage: May guard against accidents involving drivers who are not adequately insured, and also hit-and-run accidents.

Which vehicles can be covered by business auto insurance? 

Business auto insurance is generally available for whatever types of vehicles a business has. Cars, trucks and specialized vehicles (e.g. limos, herses, etc.) are usually easy to insure.

This isn’t to say that each business auto policy can cover all types of vehicles, but simply that there are plenty of options available. An insurance agent specializing in commercial auto can help businesses find the right policy.

How many vehicles can be insured under one commercial auto policy? 

Commercial auto policies are available for a single vehicle, a few vehicles or large fleets. The number of vehicles being insured can affect what type of policy should be used, but a knowledgeable insurance agent will be able to recommend the appropriate policy type.

Do business owners need commercial auto when using a personal vehicle?

Self-employed business owners frequently use their vehicles for both business and personal use. 

Some personal auto insurance policies may give adequate coverage for business use, either as a standard protection or an optional one. If suitable coverage isn’t available through a personal policy, a commercial auto one could be needed. It’s not normally needed for basic business use, however.

Which businesses need hired and non-owned business auto coverage? 

Hired and non-owned auto coverage is mainly for businesses whose employees operate vehicles not owned by the company, or when other non-owned vehicles are used. Pizza places might need the coverage for their delivery drivers, and distributors might want it for their sales reps if not using company cars. A moving company may also consider the coverage if it rents a truck rather than owns one.

This coverage usually provides businesses with liability protection if the non-owned vehicle is in an accident. It normally doesn’t cover the vehicle against damage.

If there’s uncertainty as to whether hired and non-owned coverage is appropriate, a knowledgeable insurance agent can help determine whether to get this or another type of policy.

Commercial Auto Insurance Illinois
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How can Illinois businesses get commercial auto insurance? 

For assistance with commercial auto insurance in Illinois, reach out to the independent agents at Gee-Schussler Insurance. Our agents will make sure you find a policy that protects your company vehicles well.

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