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What is landscaping insurance?

Mowing lawns, trimming trees, and other landscaping work comes with certain risks. Landscaping insurance may offer landscapers in Illinois robust protection against the risks that come with landscaping, and also more general risks businesses face.

Landscaping insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s tailored for businesses offering landscaping and lawn care. Policies may protect against a range of property and liability risks.

What Illinois businesses are lawn care insurance policies for?

Most Illinois businesses offering landscaping or lawn care can benefit from the lawn care insurance’s protections. These are flexible policies that can cover most types of landscaping work. For example, they might be purchased by:

  • Self-employed individuals who work full-time mowing lawns
  • Individuals who have a part-time gig mowing lawns
  • Businesses offering comprehensive lawn care service
  • Residential landscaping and lawn care businesses
  • Commercial landscaping and lawn care businesses
Landscaping Insurance Illinois

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Should individuals get lawn care insurance when mowing neighbors’ lawns?

Liability coverage is generally recommended even when mowing the lawn of a neighbor, friend, or relative. How that liability coverage should be procured depends on the situation, however.

A homeowners insurance policy will likely extend liability coverage to any mowing that’s done as a favor. If money doesn’t exchange hands, then most homeowners policies have personal liability coverage that’d protect against covered accidents.

If money is paid, however, then the arrangement usually becomes a business transaction more than a personal favor. A homeowners policy’s personal liability coverage might exclude accidents if they occur while performing a paid-for service. In situations where a neighbor, friend, or relative pays for mowing, a lawn care policy might be the best way to procure any recommended liability coverage.

What coverages are included in landscaping policies?

Landscaping policies typically offer a range of liability and property coverages. These generally define the protections that a policy provides.

Liability protections are primarily for when a landscaper causes harm to another party. Property protections are primarily for a landscaper’s building, equipment, and other assets.

Some common liability protections that these policies normally make available are:

  • General Liability Coverage: Might apply if there are common accidents (not vehicle accidents) that cause injury to non-employees or damage to non-company property.
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage (E&O): Might apply if there are mistakes made while giving advice to customers on the planning, installation, or management of their landscaping.
  • Product Liability Coverage: Might apply if there are injuries or illnesses caused by lawn care products that are applied or sold, and also if these products cause property damage.
  • Environmental Liability Coverage: Might apply if there’s local environmental damage due to the leaking, spilling, or overuse of lawn care products.
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: Might apply if there are accidents involving company-owned trucks or vans, and also if trucks or vans are damaged in other incidents.
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage: Might apply if an especially expensive lawsuit requires additional liability coverage.

Some property protections that policies usually can come with are:

  • Commercial Building Coverage: Could protect a company-owned office building, garage, or storage facility that a landscaper has.
  • Commercial Contents Coverage: Could protect landscaping and lawn care equipment, such as lawnmowers, trimmers, chippers, chainsaws, lifts, spreaders, and chainsaws when stored at a facility, Usually can also insure seeds, plants, and products.
  • Inland Marine Coverage: Could protect lawnmowers, trimmers, chippers, chainsaws, and other equipment when it’s being taken to and from customer locations. Usually can also insure seeds, plants, and lawn care products during transport.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage: Could protect essential landscaping equipment, such as mowers, chippers, and lifts, from sudden breakdowns. Usually pays for emergency repairs and other expenses if there’s a covered malfunction.

An insurance agent who knows landscaping policies well can explain these, and any other available coverages, in greater detail.

Landscaping Insurance Illinois
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Where can landscapers and lawn care businesses in Illinois find landscaping insurance?

For help finding landscaping insurance in Illinois, contact the independent insurance agents at Gee-Schussler Insurance. Our agents will closely with you to determine coverage needs, and then help you find a policy that meets those needs well. We can recommend the best policy regardless of what company offers it since we’re an independent agency.

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